Thursday, January 19, 2012

2nd 5k

I just started this blog and already I am slacking on my posts. In my defense, life has been pretty busy lately.

On January 7th I ran in my second 5k, the Red Nose Run! It was the morning I left for New Orleans (for the national championship....more on that later), it was at 7:15am, and it was raining off and on so I wasn't expecting a wonderful time. The Red Nose Run supports the Ronald McDonald House which was my sorority philanthropy. I was excited to see lots of current ADPis running and helping with the race. Dave and I got there about 7:00. It was a fun atmosphere and I was excited to get started. At 7:15 we were off. I breezed right through the first mile. On mile two there was a pretty big hill. It slowed me down a little but I powered right on through mile 3 to the finish line. I wasn't quite sure of my official time but assumed it was around 33:15. Well it ended up being a little better!....33:09!!! Oh happy day! I beat my last race time by over 1.5 minutes.

I am really enjoying my new hobby and am already planning for future races. I am starting to work on doing a 10k. On February 12th I am going to do a marathon relay. I will be running the 10k portion. Then I am going to start training for a half! That is one of my new year's resolutions. I wasn't planning to run a half marathon quite this soon but I'll just have to see how my training goes. I am hoping to become a good blogger and begin writing about my training.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NYE Party!

I decided I wanted to do an all-inclusive New Year's Party. One where we could eat, drink, and dance the night away without having to keep up with bar tabs or an ever growing bill. Dave and I went to Destin, FL on Thursday night (December 29th). We stayed in Dad's condo (yea for a free place to stay!). It was a great, relaxing weekend. We went for a couple runs, raided the outlet mall, ate tons of seafood, and had a blast. The NYE party was at the Hilton Sandestin. It was the perfect end to a great year. I only have one picture from the night and it is from an iphone so excuse the quality....I was too busy having fun to drag out the camera.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year....New Blog!

I am starting one of my new year's resolutions right now....start a blog. Maybe someday I will have a huge following, maybe my sister is the only one who ever reads this. Either way, it will be a great way for me to document my life. I am looking forward to writing about my ups and downs, my dreams and ideas, and especially my adventures.

First off, here are my resolutions for 2012:

1. Sell the house.
2. Save money. (I have an amount in mind)
3. Declutter by donating and selling items I don't use anymore.
4. Run a half marathon.
5. Take a photography class.
6. Learn to knit.
7. Get to my goal weight.
8. Start a blog. Check! :)