Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pinterest Recipe - Southwestern Stuffed Peppers

I have started trying to incorporate about one new pinterest recipe a week into our weekly menu. Some weeks I have more motivation to try new things. A few weeks ago I made Southwestern Stuffed Peppers and they were a hit! (Of course Dave will eat anything) The great part was I made all of the stuffing and then froze half so we didn't have to deal with left overs and can easily have it again later.

                                             Here is what the pinterest picture looked like:
And my version:

Project #1 Done! - Guest Bathroom

I have finished my first complete project in the house. I have started working on several rooms but they aren't complete yet. Hopefully I will have the guest bedroom and laundry room done in the next couple weeks. But in the mean time the guest bathroom is done! It cost about $55.




We painted the walls Behr Eminence. Our only purchases were the shower curtain and hooks. Everything else we had laying around. I am very satisfied with the outcome. It is so much more inviting. Now we just needs some guests to come visit.