Thursday, January 19, 2012

2nd 5k

I just started this blog and already I am slacking on my posts. In my defense, life has been pretty busy lately.

On January 7th I ran in my second 5k, the Red Nose Run! It was the morning I left for New Orleans (for the national championship....more on that later), it was at 7:15am, and it was raining off and on so I wasn't expecting a wonderful time. The Red Nose Run supports the Ronald McDonald House which was my sorority philanthropy. I was excited to see lots of current ADPis running and helping with the race. Dave and I got there about 7:00. It was a fun atmosphere and I was excited to get started. At 7:15 we were off. I breezed right through the first mile. On mile two there was a pretty big hill. It slowed me down a little but I powered right on through mile 3 to the finish line. I wasn't quite sure of my official time but assumed it was around 33:15. Well it ended up being a little better!....33:09!!! Oh happy day! I beat my last race time by over 1.5 minutes.

I am really enjoying my new hobby and am already planning for future races. I am starting to work on doing a 10k. On February 12th I am going to do a marathon relay. I will be running the 10k portion. Then I am going to start training for a half! That is one of my new year's resolutions. I wasn't planning to run a half marathon quite this soon but I'll just have to see how my training goes. I am hoping to become a good blogger and begin writing about my training.

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