Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weekend Food

After we kayaked and worked off some serious calories, we headed into St. Joseph to see what kind of treats they had to offer. As soon as we got parked I spotted this: 

It took very little to convince Dave that we needed to split just one. :) There are no calories when you split things, right?? Luckily the girl working the truck is a peanut butter fanatic too and said it was the best. So, one peanut butter cupcake:
 It tasted as good as it looked! I thought I was going to have to fight Dave for the last bite! Then we headed across the street to the farmer's market. There were lots of yummy fruits, veggies, pastries, granolas, etc. I love farmer's markets and have a hard time not buying up everything! Luckily we only walked away with one thing: 

It was only $1 so why not, right? Amish homemade oatmeal raisin cookies = HEAVEN!

Saturday night we had big plans to go out to eat but after a day on the water we decided a night in was more our speed. We made homemade pizzas instead. I am a huge fan of making pizza at home. I love that I know exactly what goes into them and we can each make them exactly how we want.

What a fun, food-filled day! Aren't those usually the best though?!

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