Tuesday, August 13, 2013


My 28th birthday is one I will never forget. I am a huge fan of birthdays and believe they should be a big deal. Well this year I spent mine away from my family and Dave was working so I decided to treat myself to a spa day. I finished up around 4:30 and started back to the house. Shelby, our newest puppy was getting stitches out that day so I thought Dave was at the vet with her. I pulled into the garage and there was a note on the door to the house that said "follow the roses". I didn't think anything of it just assuming it was a birthday surprise. I followed rose petals and candles until I found him down on one knee in his dress uniform with a ring. All I could say was "are you serious?!". There I was with no makeup on, greasy hair, in jeans and a tank top for this super romantic occasion. I said YES! We immediately called friends and family to share the happy news. After toasting to us, we got ready for celebratory and birthday dinner.What a night to remember. How will he ever top this next year?? Kidding!

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