Thursday, July 17, 2014


Today I am linking up with Helene to talk about some of my favorites.

Favorite restaurant: If you are local to Birmingham and have never been to 26, you need to try it immediately. It's where I fell in love with ahi tuna. They have wonderful sushi and on Wednesdays they have half price bottles of wine. It's also around the corner from my....

Favorite bar: J. Clyde in Birmingham is a beer lover's paradise. They have anything you can think of with I don't even know how many beers on tap! I love how knowledgeable their bartenders are. I usually just tell them what type of beer I am in the mood for and let them pick. They never steer me wrong.

Favorite (outside the US) vacation spot: This is a tie between Ireland and Costa Rica. They couldn't be two more different places. Ireland is so laid back with the nicest people, yummy food and drinks, and beautiful landscapes. I love getting lost exploring this great country. On the other hand, Costa Rica is a thrill-seeker's dream! You can get your heart racing doing everything from zip lining to white water rafting to waterfall repelling. The rainforest is gorgeous and there are amazing animals to see everywhere you look!

Favorite (inside the US) vacation spot: If you haven't been to the 30A/Destin area of the Florida panhandle, there is no need to check it out.....I kid though... It is an amazing place to vacation and I don't want to spoil it for myself by giving away the secret. Destin is known as The World's Luckiest Fishing Village and it doesn't disappoint. The food especially the seafood is so good and fresh. The beaches are sugar white. Head down 30A to the town of Seaside and you will feel like you just stepped back in time. I have been lucky enough to vacation in this area since I was a baby. I have seen beaches all over the world and there aren't many that compare.

Favorite picture: I love this picture of Dave and I. My sister took it of us last fall when Dave was in school in Norfolk and we met up in DC for the weekend to hang out with my sister and her husband. We were at Point of View having drinks before dinner This place has the most amazing views of DC!

Favorite Disney World ride: Everyone has a favorite Disney World ride right? Mine is definitely Soaring. Sadly I have heard that they are going to close it! If you ask anyone in my family what my favorite ride is though they will say the Carousel of Progress. I am not going to lie, I love that ride. It is so classic Disney. Plus it is a great place to sit down for a bit, cool off from the Orlando heat, and regroup.

Favorite concert: You may not know this about me but I am a Parrothead! :) I love Jimmy Buffett. Dave and I are actually going to see him next weekend in Detroit. I am so excited to introduce Dave to something I love so much. It should be a super fun time!

Favorite team: 43 days until the Crimson Tide kicks off the 2014 season! Roll Tide ya'll!

Favorite day: The day I married him!


  1. I've been to Costa Rica and done some of those things! It was amazing - everything except the humidity (our clothes never felt dry). Ireland I've technically been to, but only as a via point to other places in Europe. I'd love to go back and experience more of what you're describing!

  2. you're wedding dress is so beautiful! what a gorgeous picture!