Monday, July 21, 2014

Wedding - The Photographer

Planning a wedding can be so overwhelming with all the options out there and picking a photographer is no different. It seems like everywhere you look there are people with a nice camera claiming to be professional photographers. So when I started the search for someone to capture our day, I had to weed through lot of junk to find the perfect person. There are so many things to consider when picking a photographer: experience, price, the look you want, personality, etc.

I narrowed down my options and in the end had two companies I loved. They were similarly priced and both had very natural looking portfolios meaning that they captured the day without it looking forced. So, because I can't make a decision on my own to save my life, I asked my mom, sister, fiancé (duh!), and dad to help me pick. We decided on Woodland Fields Photography. Catherine did not disappoint. Even though we had to move the ceremony inside due to rain, she was able to capture some beautiful moments. We even mastered running outside between showers to get some outdoor shots.

Here are just a few of my favorites from the day:

Even after three months, I love looking back at that wonderful day and I can't get enough of all the great pictures she took. I hear all the time about people who were disappointed in their photographer.  Did you love your photographer??


  1. Wedding photos and video were the most important part of the day for me! It is an investment that will last forever! LOVE your wedding photos!

  2. I'm literally looking for photographers right now! Did yall get married in Birmingham?

  3. I think the wedding photographer is SUPER important. We eloped, but I still look at the pictures four years later! Absolutely gorgeous, girl.