Thursday, May 8, 2014

30 by 30

Today is my 29th Birthday! Whoa!  When I was a kid and it was my mom's birthday and I asked her how old she was she always said "29". So to me, 29 seemed like such an adult age! Now here I am staring at it. In the next year, before I turn 30, I have some things I want to accomplish. Some are big, some are small, but they are all things that matter to me.

1. Have a baby! <---BIG ITEM!
2. Take a photography class. <---so I can take cute pictures of #1
3. Finish the cross stitch that I have been work on since the fall.
4. Trip to Canada. <---trying to see stuff while we live up north that I may never see again
5. Visit Mackinac Island. <---embracing our time in Michigan
6. Get our savings account to $$$ amount.
7. Declutter our house and sell/donate/trash everything we don't need.
8. Really learn to use my sewing machine.
9. Open an etsy shop! <---excited to start this!
10. Finish decorating our house.
11. Train my younger dog to not jump up on people and to shake.
12. Take a cooking class with my mom.
13. Grow tomatoes and cucumbers in our veggie garden.
14. Volunteer.
15. Put together our wedding album.
16. Visit Allie in Denver!
17. Read 10 books.
18. Grow this blog.
19. Spoil my new niece/nephew <---coming in November!
20. Get outside and take a walk at least once a week.
21. Jimmy Buffett concert. <---Fins up!
22. Coupon clipping. <---I would love to keep our grocery bill under $50/week.
23. Send more snail mail.
24. Learn to make sushi.
25. Cook a new recipe each week.
26. Try 10 new restaurants in the area.
27. Attend a Michigan football game.
28. Eat healthy.
29. Organize our honeymoon pictures into an album.
30. Mail Christmas cards.


  1. Hi Nicole! That's quite a list! Makes me tired just reading it! But a lot of good things on there :) I think I may need to make a list for myself!

  2. I love this list, and funny enough, many of these things I aspire to accomplish myself. Yes, taking a photography class is a must. You will be so impressed by how far a few simple photography tricks can really take your pictures to the next level.