Thursday, May 8, 2014

Honeymoon - Part 6 (Panama Canal)

Seeing the Panama Canal has always been on my bucket list so when I found out that I could cruise through it, I was SOLD! It didn't disappoint. The PC was completed 100 years ago. I find that amazing! That people had the skills and technology to accomplish such a massive undertaking really amazes me. Our ship is one of the largest that can actually fit through the locks. We had two feet on either side between the ship and the wall of the Canal. It look about two hours to go from the Gulf side to Gatun Lake in the middle. Then we unloaded anyone doing an excursion and exited the same way we came in.

Entering the first lock:

All the way into the first lock. The water has to raise up to the level 
of the second lock before we can move on:

 These machines are attached to the ship to guide us through the 
Canal. At the closest point we were only two feet from the wall on each side:

Entering the second lock:

 Bucket List item: Check!

Entering Gatun Lake:

The crew served Panama Buns (yummy sweet pastry) and coffee to all 
the guests that were up for the early trip through the locks:

The view off the back of the ship:

This cargo ship and our cruise ship are called Panamax ships meaning that 
they are basically the largest ships that can use the Panama Canal:

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