Thursday, May 15, 2014

Honeymoon - Part 8 (Life on the Ship)

This is my last honeymoon post! Next week I am going to dive into the wedding week and the wedding itself. :) 

Our days at sea were very relaxing. We spent most days laying out by the pool. In the evening we ate dinner and would listen to music at one of the many bars on ship. Some nights we would check out the show on board. Mostly we just did whatever we wanted...can I go back? No making beds, washing dishes, cooking meals...what a life we had for eleven days. :)

Thanks for checking out our honeymoon recap! Now I need to start planning our next getaway!...


  1. Seriously, honeymoons are the best! I wish I took even more advantage of how awesome they are during ours.

    1. They are the best! No distractions. I have a feeling we will never have such little responsibility again the rest of our lives! Hope you have a great weekend!