Monday, May 5, 2014

Adventures from the Weekend - Louisville, KY

Friday afternoon Dave, the dogs, and I headed south to partake in some Derby festivities. While we didn't go to the races, it was fun to hang out with family and get sucked in by the excitement of Derby weekend.

On the way down the dogs chilled in the backseat. Charlie (the smaller one) always looks miserable when Shelby (the bigger one) is around. Maybe because she is always climbing and laying all over him? 

This gorgeous tree is in my cousin's backyard. I thought it was so pretty against the super blue sky. Not much has bloomed up here in Michigan so we are looking forward to a little green.

My dad made it out to the track so he placed my bets. I always tend to pull for the long shot so I went with Uncle Sigh (30-1 odds) and Samraat (15-1 odds). Uncle Sigh is owned by Wounded Warrior Stables and they donate 10% of all winnings and sales to the Wounded Warrior Project. How could I not get behind a horse like that?! Neither won but it made the race even more exciting to watch with two horses to pull for.

Since we didn't get to the track, Dave and I found a little taphouse to watch the race and grab a beer. Selfie! :)

Sunday morning on the way out of town we met my grandmother, dad, and his girlfriend for brunch downtown at Proof on Main. What a neat place. It's part of a hotel but they have a museum running all through the first floor. You can get a drink and wonder through the exhibits. We had fun with this one. Letters fall down a screen and your shadow catches them! I could have played with it for hours but the interstate was calling.

Saying good bye to my dad after brunch.

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