Monday, May 19, 2014

Laundry Room Makeover - Before and After

When we were house shopping and looking at our now house, I loved that the laundry room was an actual room and not just a closet. It's right off the garage which is nice for dumping gym clothes, car wash rags, etc. It was just a boring white room and I figured it would be an easy makeover. Doing laundry is never fun but it's more fun in a well decorated room!


This was actually the day we started painting. Our furniture hadn't arrived so I didn't have much else to do and no huge washer and dryer to work around. It has a great layout but there were a few things I wanted...color and a place to hang clothes! It needed a little personality. 


Ta da! I love it! The wall color is Behr's Stone Fence from Home Depot. For the white stripe, I bought a sample can and didn't get it colored. The hooks are these from Home Depot. Everything else we had! Now we have a place to hang clothes and the cabinets are still able to hide all the dog stuff, laundry supplies, etc. What a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to take something as boring as a laundry room and jazz it up!

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