Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wedding - The Dress

Before I ever went to look at wedding dresses and I think even before I was engaged, I had a couple wedding dresses pinned to my "Wedding" pinterest board. So when the day finally came to go shopping, I looked up those dresses to see if any stores in my area carried that designer....one did. It happened to be the last of three stores that we were going to. I didn't know if I would like them in person or not but I at least wanted to see what the store had. So at the first store I tried on several pretty dresses one of which stood out as a contender but it was over my budget. I am all about a budget so it was hard to imagine spending that kind of money on a dress but it was gorgeous. I left it there though and moved on to the second store to see what they had. Again, one dress stood out from the pack. It was beautiful, in my price range, and had the look I was definitely going for. It quickly became my favorite dress and I thought it would be the one I would get. We were done shopping for the day and waited until the next day to shop at the third store.

So the next day again with my mom and sister in tow and adding my grandmother to the group we struck out for the third store. We pulled dresses off the racks including two by the designer I loved. I tried on them all saving the two for the end. When I put on THE DRESS, that was it...there was no other dress even in the running. It was perfect. It was the best price of any dress that I liked and had everything I wanted in a dress!

What a fun and exciting experience! I worried that I wouldn't still love the dress nine months later at the wedding. Tastes change and what if by the day of I wish I had gone with something else? That was not the case! I felt like the dress perfectly suited me and our day. So...here's the dress: Mori Lee 1906!

 I spent a lot of time looking for accessories too. The veil goes with the dress. I has beautiful beading along the edge that matches the beading in the dress. I wore these earrings from Nordstrom and these shoes.

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  1. you picked a beautiful one!! this is absolutely stunning!!