Monday, June 16, 2014

Adventures from the Weekend - Mom and Jim's Visit

My mom and stepdad came to visit for the first time since we moved up here almost two years ago! This little town is not easy to get to so they drove the trip staying out one night in Louisville along the way. I had a lot of fun filled activities planned but we ended up doing a lot of bumming around the house was nice to just chill and catch up! We grilled out, ate too much cheese (is there such a thing as too much?), worked on projects around the house, ate out, visited South Haven on Lake Michigan, etc.

Thursday we met Dave for lunch and he gave us a tour of his building! I have been in it a million times but I still love it. It was a sanitarium and an army hospital before it became a government building so it has beautiful architecture and a neat history. After lunch Mom, Jim (stepdad), and I headed back to the house. Since we moved in our dishwasher has never worked right, so Jim agreed to look at it. OMG! was gross. What's funny is that Dave and I thought we took it all apart and cleaned it really good. Well it turns out, there were big sections we didn't know came off. I am happy to report that it is working so much better!

While Jim fixed/cleaned the dishwasher, Mom and I put a new rug down in our den. They brought it up from Alabama so it was FREE for us! Woohoo! And I absolutely love it!

By the time we got done with all that we were exhausted so instead of eating out we had snacks on the deck while the dogs played. We are wild, let me tell ya!

Friday was another relaxed day getting stuff done around the house. I took Mom for a drive and showed her the area. Then that evening we took them to one of our favorite restaurants: Epic Bistro. Mom and I split a Wood Grilled Vegetable Roast that I would love to try and recreate at home! It was delish! After dinner we got drinks and dessert next door....salted caramel pretzel bread pudding...this stuff is life changing!

Saturday morning I got up and made a breakfast casserole. It was good, easy, and got high reviews! I highly recommend if you have a brunch planned in your future.

 After we all got ready, we took a little drive out to South Haven on Lake Michigan. This was one of the first towns we discovered when we moved and we just love it. It's quaint with adorable homes, cute shops, and great food! I always swing by the Olive Cart to pick up new balsamic for salads and Dave always gets an ice cream to enjoy as we wonder the streets.

Saturday evening we grilled out with this wonderful grilling tray that my mom got us at Sur La Table and enjoyed Sangria! That store is trouble! I could spend a lot of money on some fun cooking gadgets in there!

It was a sad good-bye all around when they left Sunday morning but I get to see my mom again in 45 days for a girl's trip and I can't wait! How was your weekend? What did you get into?

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