Monday, June 30, 2014

Hopes and Plans - June 30th

I love the idea of setting some goals for the week but I have to say that I dropped the ball last week. Let's recap:

One. Take some clothes to the consignment shop. I cleaned out my closet a while back but now I have got to get all the stuff I don't want out of the house!
Two. Make strawberry cupcakes. I have had all the ingredients and I just keep putting off making them.
Three. Make front door decor for the 4th of July. I am loving the above idea!
Four. Straighten up the basement. It has been a mess from projects so I need to get some order to it.
Five. Read a couple chapters in my book.

Wow! Epic fail this past week. I only got one item done! Well at least it involved cupcakes and from what I hear, Dave's work love them.

So on to this week:

One. Clothes to the consignment shop. Seriously, I am taking it all on Tuesday!

Two. 4th of July door decoration. If I don't make it this week then it won't get done before the holiday.

Three. Pedicure. We all have to treat ourselves every once in a while right? Plus, I can read a couple chapters in my book while I am at it.

Four. Paint the steps and the door trim in the garage. That will make the project complete!

I can only come up with four goals for the week but there is no sense trying to take on more than I can possibly get done. Do you have any goals for the week?


  1. I only got one thing done last week too! Fail, bigtime.

    I bet if you use the pedicure as your treat for doing #1 and/or #2, they will definitely get done! ;)

  2. Few things feel as good as cleaning out the closet ;) Get that stuff to the consignment shop so you can make some $$$

    Thanks for linking up with us!