Monday, June 9, 2014

30 by 30 Update - Month 1

Sorry for the late post today! I went from nothing going on weeks ago to a million things now! Anyway, I thought I would do a Month 1 update on my 30 by 30 list. This is how things are going:

~ Visited Mackinac Island
~ Tried new restaurants: Bagel Beanery in Kalamazoo, MI; Yankee Rebel Tavern in Mackinac Island;
~ Tried new recipes:
        1. Fried Quinoa "Rice
        2. Jalapeno Poppers
        3. Chicken, rice, broccoli, and cheddar casserole
        4. Honey BBQ Meatloaf
        5. Italian Wonderpot
~ Working on the cross stitich but it's still not done...maybe by next month?
~ Began planning our Canada trip...Niagara Falls for Labor Day!
~ I am working on decluttering our house and I have sold a ton of stuff on craigslist. I am hoping to get rid of a bunch of smaller stuff in a garage sale in a few weeks.
~ Will I ever really finish decorating our house? I have gotten a few more projects done but the house as a whole is by no means DONE.
~ We got our wedding pictures back so now I need to get moving on a wedding album....hopefully I'll have this and the honeymoon album done by next month!

I'll be back tomorrow to tell you about our wedding invitations!

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